Emergence. A new life. Gala Gardens

It has been a strange year. 

While tracking demos for a future vocal album a war broke out in Ukraine. I wrote a song for the people of Ukraine. These are compositions I am working to release, however I…

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Announcing new album Gala Gardens!

Hello friends,

Today I am happy to announce the upcoming release of my lo-fi instrumental album Gala Gardens on Nov. 4th. It is a daring left turn for me stylistically. I want to thank Chris Gestrin for mastering it and…

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I made you a present. 

'Long Nights' is a cozy new holiday song with a laid-back jazzy vibe, brimming with nostalgia for family Christmases. 

Sometimes songs take a while and sometimes they pour out in a couple of days. I…

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Jazz Fest Jazz Trance

For me, Vancouver's jazz fest has always been a celebration of music to usher in summer with a concentrated infusion of improvisation, deep grooves and eclectic programming that stokes my imagination. It is my version of a vacation after a…

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Girl A Girl B

So I started a band this summer with my twin sister Elizabeth Eccleston (Blythwood Winds, Prof. Queens), and my best buddy Doug Gorkoff (Black Dog String Quartet, KSO). It all started with a Sound of Music and Phantom of the…

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A Story about Jazz in Kamloops

I am going to Kamloops to host the district jazz workshop on March 29th. There is a pretty neat story surrounding this which I’d like to share, to help increase student enrollment and community engagement. The official info is here…

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New jazz album: More Trumpet

It's finally happening! It has taken me six months and now my new jazz album More Trumpet is in pressing as I type this. I am so happy to finally be able to share it with the world! The CD…Read more

Summer: New Jazz EP & Music in the Park

Summertime... and the living is out there...

Jazz festival season is always my favorite time of the year. It comes and goes so fast and I always miss a few shows, while taking in as many as possible, some…

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You are invited!!

Come party with me at this year's TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival!

I am exceedingly happy to announce and invite you to my performance at the 2016 TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival on Canada Day on Granville Island Railspur…

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The thrill of a lifetime...

The videos from Vancouver Jazz Fest are ready. I am so pleased to share them with you. :)

It was an evening to remember. My sister Lizzie sitting, smiling in the front row at the fountain. The sun was reflecting…Read more