Jazz Fest Jazz Trance

For me, Vancouver's jazz fest has always been a celebration of music to usher in summer with a concentrated infusion of improvisation, deep grooves and eclectic programming that stokes my imagination. It is my version of a vacation after a long year of teaching music lessons amidst my own gig schedule.

This year it has more meaning for me. Last year we lost the sweet release the festival brings as we waited, hunkered down, living in a strange limbo feeling both creative and crippled. I have used the time to write new songs that I am eager to share with you. To be able to come back to both performing and watching live music for this year's jazz festival as things have become safer finally and our world begins the shift into a semblance of normality is the greatest feeling I've felt in a very long time. I'm so grateful to Coastal Jazz for this incredible opportunity to emerge back into the world on their stage.

I've seen five shows live and have been taking in every single show offered from Coastal Jazz's inventive streaming focused incarnation this year, and I am so primed for tomorrow. Please tune in tomorrow LIVE at NOON (Pacific) to catch my show when it airs, join the chat and say hello, If you miss it, you can enjoy my presentation on your own time until at 11:59pm on July 6th. Rejuvenate your spirit with me and embrace your jazz fest jazz trance. Click here to watch: https://www.coastaljazz.ca/event/anita-eccleston/