Jazz Vespers Anita Eccleston Sextet

St. Andrew's Wesley Church, 1022 Nelson St,, Vancouver, BC

Anita Eccleston - Vocals & Trumpet, Andrew Smith - Vocals & Guitar, Aidan Miller - Piano, Graham Clark - Upright Bass, Sam Cartwright - Drums, Doug Gorkoff - Cello Anita Eccleston delves deep into her catalogue for this week's Jazz Vespers at St. Andrew's-Wesley. The songs will start with a whimsical and jazzy interstellar journey though space to eventually land on a lonely island. Her reggae influences show here as the vibe is decidedly laid back in the midst of the Island Lament's contemplative despair. The sonic journey carries on with the sextet's funk treatment of Scarlet Scribbles, a punchy reflection on life's contradictions which leads naturally into the rhythm driven tough girl fighting song, Mirror. The bleak yet inspired future opens up on the intricately arranged song New Skies, a cover of local phenom songwriters, Dan Mangan + Blacksmith. Here the listener's voyage will continue into a sweet song of hope and goodbyes in a new original by Anita, titled Braid. It's colourful chords, odd form and heartfelt lyrics cut through the nonsense to focus on the the little details that make life and love beautiful. Her last song, a fan favourite called The Good Life, will feature the multifaceted cellist Doug Gorkoff on magnificent countermelodies to her simple, sweet refrains, accompanied by beachy ukulele. The set is highlighted by fluid and skillful improvisation coupled with delicate, magical moments.