Frankie's After Dark: Gala Gardens LIVE

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Frankie's Jazz Club, 765 Beatty Street, Vancouver, BC

Tickets at the door. First come first serve. $10 -- Multi-instrumentalist Anita Eccleston's new album Gala Gardens takes her in a new direction. Influenced by jazz and lofi chillhop, these downtempo compositions blossomed into a bouquet of instrumental soundscapes. In a lo-fi jazz style Anita captures refrains and crafts them together in a kaleidoscopic mosaic, with her breezy trumpet melodies soaring above, aligning the peaks and valleys of this groovy and patiently ambient song collection. She’ll be joined for this special performance by Chris Gestrin (keyboards), Dean Thiessen (keyboards) and Liz Eccleston (Electric Ukelele) Frankie's After Dark takes place every Friday and Saturday at Frankie's Jazz Club in downtown Vancouver and is curated by Tim Reinert of Infidels Jazz. Shows start at 11:15PM and tickets are $10.

Anita Eccleston - Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Electronics Elizabeth Eccleston - Electric Ukulele Chris Gestrin - Keyboards, Synths Dean Thiessen - Keyboards, Organ