TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival Announcement!

Liz & Anita Eccleston @ Vancouver Jazz Fest circa 1999 Gastown

In 1999 I was a kid dreaming about being on a Vancouver International Jazz Festival stage. Roaming Gastown and David Lam Park seeking more jazz to feast my ears on, I was gearing up for summer jazz camp in Courtenay, my senior year in high school in the fall, and the prospects of university music school auditions all year.

I vividly remember the day (pictured first) with my twin sister Liz, listening to Brad Turner and Mike Allen, finding hole-in-the-wall used book stores and eating pizza. The second slice destined to hit the cobblestones of Gastown moments after this photo was taken.

Last year Lizzie made it out from Ontario to join me in my yearly pilgrimage to as many jazz performances as possible, particularly the outdoor events. The picture below is from our adventures last year, enjoying the Robson Stage (and beer garden).

Liz & Anita Eccleston @ Vancouver Jazz Fest circa 2014 Robson

So now I am extremely delighted to announce that this year I will finally live that dream, twice. First as a featured guest of Plastic Acid performing my sick new funk/soul song 'Mirror' with full orchestra (Friday, June 19th 7:30PM), then with my very own Anita Eccleston Trio featured on Canada Day at Granville Island's Public Market Stage at 12PM.

The morning after finding out I had been selected this year, I had been having one of my recurring dreams that I got into the festival. That exquisite moment of realization that my dreams had literally come true was something truly remarkable. I am planning a very unforgettable performance for Canada Day.

I want to thank every single person out there for every word of encouragement, every tapping toe, my musical peers for your generosity and amazing abilities, and everyone who has believed in me and my dreams. EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. My dreams are ever expanding and this is just the beginning. You can follow my journey on Twitter, Facebook, and my Anita Eccleston Jazz Mailing List.