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Jazz Fest Jazz Trance 

For me, Vancouver's jazz fest has always been a celebration of music to usher in summer with a concentrated infusion of improvisation, deep grooves and eclectic programming that stokes my imagination. It is my version of a vacation after a long year of teaching music lessons amidst my own gig schedule.

This year it has more meaning for me. Last year we lost the sweet release the festival brings as we waited, hunkered down, living in a strange limbo feeling both creative and crippled. I have used the time to write new songs that I am eager to share with you. To be able to come back to both performing and watching live music for this year's jazz festival as things have become safer finally and our world begins the shift into a semblance of normality is the greatest feeling I've felt in a very long time. I'm so grateful to Coastal Jazz for this incredible opportunity to emerge back into the world on their stage.

I've seen five shows live and have been taking in every single show offered from Coastal Jazz's inventive streaming focused incarnation this year, and I am so primed for tomorrow. Please tune in tomorrow LIVE at NOON (Pacific) to catch my show when it airs, join the chat and say hello, If you miss it, you can enjoy my presentation on your own time until at 11:59pm on July 6th. Rejuvenate your spirit with me and embrace your jazz fest jazz trance. Click here to watch:


Summer: New Jazz EP & Music in the Park 

Summertime... and the living is out there...

Jazz festival season is always my favorite time of the year. It comes and goes so fast and I always miss a few shows, while taking in as many as possible, some really tough choices to decide between this year! For my own performance I brought a 9-piece band to the Railspur Stage on Granville Island for Van Jazz Fest Canada Day Celebrations. I had my twin Elizabeth backing me up on Vocals (pictured right, with our mother), Heather Anderson on trumpet, Ben Henriques on tenor sax, Doug Gorkoff soaring on cello, Andrew Smith (of Sweetpea Swing Band), on guitar and uke, Graham Clark on bass, and fellow Kamloopsians Kris Ruston on keys and Richard Graham on drums. It was EPIC! What a powerhouse behind me! I feel so lucky to be able to do what I do and continually develop my craft and my material. Thank yous go to everyone who has ever encouraged me, given me an opportunity, and for all who believe in the dream I have of putting out real, world class, honest music. My goal is always to connect with you, whether it's the way I sing or play a line, to the words I write or songs I choose to play, you are always in my mind and in my heart.

With the intensity (jazz binging) of the 10 days of the TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival behind me I look upon the next 2 months with a longing to relax, hit the beach, and soak up the patio life. However so far the 10 days since the festival have proven to be packed with hilarious costumed gigs. From "Bollywood" Indian brass bands to an appearance with Las Estrellas de Vancouver (Mariachi) at the tremendous Carnival del Sol (left), coupled with sweet little jazz performances. So far July seems a like it has more surprises in store.

My plans for the summer are to finish recording my new jazz album. I hope to be able to release it in the early fall, and am gearing all my focus that direction.

If you would like to hear me perform you can catch me in Vancouver at The Kino (3456 Cambie) July 25th and August 22nd, 9pm by donation. I play there on the 4th Monday of every month.

For my hometown crowd in Kamloops: I will be appearing at Riverside Park - Music in The Park on August 13th with a large band (deets TBA). 7PM, free. It has been too long since I voyaged across the Cascades to the meeting of the Thompson rivers, and WAY TOO LONG since I got to eat yummy Senor Froggy!

Aside from recording and performing, this summer I will be writing and developing new songs for another original album, off in the future. Hopefully with my ukulele at a beach. :)  May your summer be splendid and filled with love and fun! xo Anita

You are invited!!  

Come party with me at this year's TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival!

I am exceedingly happy to announce and invite you to my performance at the 2016 TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival on Canada Day on Granville Island Railspur Stage! 5:30-7:30pm FREE 

Count them, there are seven, that's right SEVEN, in my band lineup this year for jazz fest! And we get a beer garden---It's going to be a PARTY. I am excited to be playing with such a wildly energetic band. We will be bringing the funkiest, swingingest, sweetest and most lively show ever! 

The Lineup:
Anita Eccleston - Vocals & Trumpet
Andrew Smith - Vocals & Electric Guitar
Ben Henriques - Tenor Saxophone
Doug Gorkoff - Cello
Graham Clark - Upright & Electric Bass
Kris Ruston - Keyboard
Richard Graham - Drums 

The Railspur Stage is located in the middle of the island, between the Railspur Alley and Cartwright Street. Just follow your ears East past the Brewery. 

R.S.V.P. on Facebook! 

If you haven't seen it yet, watch my video of last years guest appearance with the Plastic Acid Orchestra: 

Super hungry for jazz? There are several other amazing shows at Granville Island on Canada Day! You can learn more about them and the whole Vancouver Jazz Fest here. 

Huge THANK YOU to TD, and Coastal Jazz for this incredible opportunity!

The thrill of a lifetime... 

The videos from Vancouver Jazz Fest are ready. I am so pleased to share them with you. :)

It was an evening to remember. My sister Lizzie sitting, smiling in the front row at the fountain. The sun was reflecting from a nearby building, shining directly on the stage. The solar spotlight with it's warm glow. It was a magical experience... Surreal. It really was a dream come true. Now here it is for you to enjoy. To view, click  Mirror and Valerie.
Many thanks to the Plastic Acid Orchestra, the Vancouver International Jazz Festival and Wood Box Films. Special thanks to all of you with your exquisite ears, for the love and support.
More to come soon from this extraordinary performance by the Plastic Acid Orchestra.

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TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival Announcement! 

Liz & Anita Eccleston @ Vancouver Jazz Fest circa 1999 Gastown

In 1999 I was a kid dreaming about being on a Vancouver International Jazz Festival stage. Roaming Gastown and David Lam Park seeking more jazz to feast my ears on, I was gearing up for summer jazz camp in Courtenay, my senior year in high school in the fall, and the prospects of university music school auditions all year.

I vividly remember the day (pictured first) with my twin sister Liz, listening to Brad Turner and Mike Allen, finding hole-in-the-wall used book stores and eating pizza. The second slice destined to hit the cobblestones of Gastown moments after this photo was taken.

Last year Lizzie made it out from Ontario to join me in my yearly pilgrimage to as many jazz performances as possible, particularly the outdoor events. The picture below is from our adventures last year, enjoying the Robson Stage (and beer garden).

Liz & Anita Eccleston @ Vancouver Jazz Fest circa 2014 Robson

So now I am extremely delighted to announce that this year I will finally live that dream, twice. First as a featured guest of Plastic Acid performing my sick new funk/soul song 'Mirror' with full orchestra (Friday, June 19th 7:30PM), then with my very own Anita Eccleston Trio featured on Canada Day at Granville Island's Public Market Stage at 12PM.

The morning after finding out I had been selected this year, I had been having one of my recurring dreams that I got into the festival. That exquisite moment of realization that my dreams had literally come true was something truly remarkable. I am planning a very unforgettable performance for Canada Day.

I want to thank every single person out there for every word of encouragement, every tapping toe, my musical peers for your generosity and amazing abilities, and everyone who has believed in me and my dreams. EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. My dreams are ever expanding and this is just the beginning. You can follow my journey on Twitter, Facebook, and my Anita Eccleston Jazz Mailing List.