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I made you a present. 

'Long Nights' is a cozy new holiday song with a laid-back jazzy vibe, brimming with nostalgia for family Christmases. 

Sometimes songs take a while and sometimes they pour out in a couple of days. I wrote this one quite rapidly last December. I missed my family, and wanted to paint a tribute in song to our memories and traditions together. 

I engineered it at home and banded together with exquisite cellist Doug Gorkoff (The Living) on the recording. Kris Ruston (Death Mountain Sound) mixed and Chris Gestrin (Public Alley 421) mastered the track. I partnered up with Patrick Collins (Alwaysfurther Films) to create a sweet and intimate music video to capture the soul of 'Long Nights.' 

Today I am so pleased to present my new single to you. A personal song from me to you, warm and full of love. Watch and share the video here.

Jazz is in the air... 

Happy Victoria Day! All kinds of good news and goodies to share with you today. 

So thrilled by this new review from Dave O Rama of More Trumpet in BC Musician Magazine.

Here's a playlist of videos from my appearance at The Paddock in Toronto with the sensational pianist Steve Amirault, performing at Canadian Music Week 2017. Please share recklessly and muchly!

While I was in Toronto I also had a chance to sit down with Valerie and Ashley for Mix Sessions at CIUT 89.5 FM (Radio of University of Toronto) for an interview.
You can listen to it here:

Pictured above is the endless sunset I flew into on my way home to Vancouver after the whirlwind trip to Toronto.

Glad to be home and enjoying some time digging in the garden in today's sunshine, all ready and set to perform tonight at my my monthly installment of jazz at The Kino (3456 Cambie - 9PM) in Vancouver. xo


More Trumpet Day!! 

More Trumpet is out now and the reviews are HOT! 

You can preview the album NOW here on my website:  or use this direct link to full streaming to preview: 

Available for download NOW on CD Baby or iTunes! for only $6.93 CAD!!! 

I am super excited for the party tonight at The Kino (3456 Cambie) in Vancouver. 8-11pm, by donation. Learn more here: FB Event

New jazz album: More Trumpet  

It's finally happening! It has taken me six months and now my new jazz album More Trumpet is in pressing as I type this. I am so happy to finally be able to share it with the world! The CD release party is set for Sunday, December 18th @ The Kino (3456 Cambie St) in Vancouver at 8pm. The album will be available on iTunes, CD Baby and streaming on Apple Music, and Spotify.

I had been talking about recording a fresh traditional jazz album for almost a year before I was able to get into the studio to start sessions. Although I am often artistically drawn to many genres of music, my deepest love is for jazz and I feel the most at home within the sphere of the jazz world. I wanted to create an album that would allow me to sing and play from my heart. I also feel that now after all these years my voice as expressed through my playing has caught up to my vocal abilities.

This album is titled More Trumpet for that reason and a few others... My sense of humour never leaves me, thank goodness, and when I thought of this title, it fit so well, being that I am playing on every track of the album, that I often shout out "MORE TRUMPET!!" at concerts (shamelessly biased), and that I believe that 'more trumpet' is a good answer to almost every question. Then there was that time I had 4 backup trumpets at my show: See "Red Shoes" video.

Making this album has been therapeutic for me as well, in such a dark and turbulent year, music has been a constant comfort. When I listen to it I feel like I am being wrapped in a warm blanket of love, trust, and hope. May it give you the same feelings as you all deserve happiness as you find your way through this winter.
xo Anita

PS. I could not have made this album without the help of my players: Andrew Smith (Guitar & Vocals), Graham Clark (Bass), Doug Gorkoff (Cello), and my production team: Trevor Lorence (Engineering), David Spidel (Engineering & Mixing), Chris Gestrin (Mastering) and Natasha Tentes (Artwork). 

P.P.S. I would like to add that this album was inspired by and is dedicated to my dear friend Peter Collins, a man who had limitless talent and the voice of an angel, who believed in me when I was at my lowest, and who taught me to believe in myself. He is missed every day, and never forgotten.

Summer: New Jazz EP & Music in the Park 

Summertime... and the living is out there...

Jazz festival season is always my favorite time of the year. It comes and goes so fast and I always miss a few shows, while taking in as many as possible, some really tough choices to decide between this year! For my own performance I brought a 9-piece band to the Railspur Stage on Granville Island for Van Jazz Fest Canada Day Celebrations. I had my twin Elizabeth backing me up on Vocals (pictured right, with our mother), Heather Anderson on trumpet, Ben Henriques on tenor sax, Doug Gorkoff soaring on cello, Andrew Smith (of Sweetpea Swing Band), on guitar and uke, Graham Clark on bass, and fellow Kamloopsians Kris Ruston on keys and Richard Graham on drums. It was EPIC! What a powerhouse behind me! I feel so lucky to be able to do what I do and continually develop my craft and my material. Thank yous go to everyone who has ever encouraged me, given me an opportunity, and for all who believe in the dream I have of putting out real, world class, honest music. My goal is always to connect with you, whether it's the way I sing or play a line, to the words I write or songs I choose to play, you are always in my mind and in my heart.

With the intensity (jazz binging) of the 10 days of the TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival behind me I look upon the next 2 months with a longing to relax, hit the beach, and soak up the patio life. However so far the 10 days since the festival have proven to be packed with hilarious costumed gigs. From "Bollywood" Indian brass bands to an appearance with Las Estrellas de Vancouver (Mariachi) at the tremendous Carnival del Sol (left), coupled with sweet little jazz performances. So far July seems a like it has more surprises in store.

My plans for the summer are to finish recording my new jazz album. I hope to be able to release it in the early fall, and am gearing all my focus that direction.

If you would like to hear me perform you can catch me in Vancouver at The Kino (3456 Cambie) July 25th and August 22nd, 9pm by donation. I play there on the 4th Monday of every month.

For my hometown crowd in Kamloops: I will be appearing at Riverside Park - Music in The Park on August 13th with a large band (deets TBA). 7PM, free. It has been too long since I voyaged across the Cascades to the meeting of the Thompson rivers, and WAY TOO LONG since I got to eat yummy Senor Froggy!

Aside from recording and performing, this summer I will be writing and developing new songs for another original album, off in the future. Hopefully with my ukulele at a beach. :)  May your summer be splendid and filled with love and fun! xo Anita